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Fiber Optics

Sun Prairie Utilities is a locally owned municipal electric, water, and fiber optic utility. In 1998, we constructed a fiber optic ring around much of the city to provide communications for both the City of Sun Prairie and the Sun Prairie Area School District. We now serve nearly 70 locations in Sun Prairie including many local businesses with fiber optic Internet and WAN services.

Local ownership provides for local control by citizen representation within our governing body, the Sun Prairie Utilities Commission. Local control means decisions and policies will be made for the benefit of Sun Prairie Utilities rate payers. Local ownership means we are operating for the benefit of Sun Prairie Utilities rate payers and not for stockholders.

To inquire about a business fiber optic connection, contact our telecommunications department electronically or call 837-5500.


Please contact your elected officials to express your view on a city-wide overlay of fiber optics via email

The Proposed Fiber-To-The-Premise Feasibility Study is available for review at the Sun Prairie Utilites office, 125 West Main Street, from 8:00 am- 4:00pm.

Full Report

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