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SPU FIles For Electric Rate Increase

Sun Prairie Utilities has filed an application with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) to increase electric rates. The adjustment has been requested in order to cover inflationary increases in operational and maintenance expenses and costs associated with maintaining the reliability of the electric distribution system.  The last electric rate increase was approved in 2007.


            The utility is requesting an overall increase of 3.00%, or $757,923. The final impact of the rate increase upon individual customers will not be definitely known until the PSC issues an order; however, under the proposed rate structure, based on an average usage of 685 kilowatt-hours (kWh), the typical residential customer’s monthly bill would increase from $74.31 per month to $77.59 per month, an increase of $3.28 or 4.4%. 


            The PSC will conduct a public hearing at locations in Sun Prairie and Madison. A notice of the hearing will be published after a date has been set. For more information, please contact the PSC at (608) 266-5481 and refer to the Sun Prairie Utilities electric rate application under Docket 5810-ER-105.


Posted on Monday, Jul 01, 2013