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Inviting Public Comment


Sun Prairie Utilities is proposing a city-wide fiber optic overlay to City Council. This fiber optic service would allow SPU to offer high speed internet service to all of their customers. This overlay would allow symmetrical bandwidth up to 1-gigabyte which would position the Sun Prairie residents and business community to be highly competitive for technology, medical, and education services. This project has been looked at over the last two years by the Sun Prairie Utilities Commission. There have been several presentations about this proposal to City Council over the past two months.


Sun Prairie Utilities and Sun Prairie City Council are asking for public comment at the March 25 Committee of the Whole meeting, being held at 6:00 pm in Council Chambers at 300 E. Main Street. If you cannot attend and wish to send in your comment, please forward to email council&


Sun Prairie Utilities has presented to City Council a Feasibility Study for Fiber-To-The-Premise proposal and is available for all residents to review. The proposal would require the support and backing of the City of Sun Prairie and its residents.


Fiber optics is the preferred medium to transport data, and symmetrical bandwidth will provide upload speeds unavailable to this community today. Learn more about fiber optics at

Posted on Friday, Mar 21, 2014