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Fiber-to-the-Premise Update

November 2, 2015

Our technician installing the riser cane to protect the fiber optic cable.

 An SPU NID (Network Interface Device) mounted and ready for connection.


October 9, 2015

Construction continues and conduit is in place. The subsurface soil conditions we are finding are rocky and less than ideal.

Completed conduit installation and now ready for fiber optics.


Orange conduit length at home will be cut closer to surface and a cable cover installed when fiber optic cable and NID box installed.


September 8, 2015

Sun Prairie Utilities is ready for construction and ready to start signing up Smith's Crossing residents for High Speed Fiber Optic Internet service. SPU requires permission from every property owner to attach a fiber terminating box on each building. Please find our Introductory Offer Application and choose your option here by October 2. SPU is looking for permission to run fiber to the outside of each building whether the occupant subscribes to the fiber service or not. There will be ZERO cost to property owners who allow the fiber terminating box on their building as the main construction passes the property. If an owner does not permit SPU installation of the terminal box with the initial construction, there will be a construction fee  if fiber optic service were ever requested to the building in the future. Don't be that one house on your street that is not fiber optic capable.  


July 21, 2015

City Council on July 21, 2015, passed a resolution authorizing Sun Prairie Utilities to proceed with the Fiber Optic High Speed Internet project in the Smith's Crossing subdivision, TIF 9, and a portion of Main Street. Sun Prairie Utilities will now procure financing and the ordering of construction materials. This project is a construction build and we are targeting to start in early September. With good weather we hope to complete construction by December. Smith's Crossing residents should watch their mail for more information and updates.


July 16, 2015

July 21st, 2015 Committee of the Whole 5:30pm 

City Council will be taking up discussion of the proposed demonstration fiber optic internet project throughout the Smith's Crossing subdivision. It is possible that a Resolution could be passed to permit SPU authority to proceed with the demonstration project.

Whether you are for the project or against it, please email your elected officials and share your opinion on the Fiber -to-the-Premise project.


June 22, 2015

Public Input Session

June 30th, 2015 Committee of the Whole  5:30pm

The public is invited to attend and participate as the Sun Prairie City Council continues to evaluate the feasibility of Fiber-to-the-home services being provided by Sun Prairie Utilities, and the possibility of a demonstration fiber optic internet project throughout the Smith's Crossing subdivision. 

This meeting will begin immediately after a brief special council meeting at 5:30pm in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 300 E. Main Street, 2nd floor. The planned agenda is to have presentations from Charter and Frontier followed by questions from the City Council. Staff from Sun Prairie Utilities will also be available to answer questions.

Once questions from elected officials are complete, the meeting will be opened up to the public for questions and comments. Public comment/ question will be limited to three (3) minutes per resident. If you are unable to attend, you may email your comments to council& prior to the meeting.

September 16, 2014  

 Benefits of Fiber video



June 4, 2014    Sun Prairie Utilities Manager Rick Wicklund is the guest on KSUN-TV Talk of the Town to discuss the local utility and the proposed Fiber-To-The-Premise project. The project proposal starts about 51 minutes into the video.


March 24, 2014   Thank You to all of the people who were in attendance of the March 25 Committee of the Whole public comment session about the proposed fiber-to-the-premise project. There were many great comments and questions and all of them are appreciated and reviewed.


Approximately 80-100 residents packed the Council Chambers for the public comment session. After a brief power point presentation by the Utility Manager Rick Wicklund the floor was opened to the public for comments and questions. A number of citizens in attendance spoke to the Committee of the Whole and representatives of Sun Prairie Utilities. Most of the citizens that registered to speak were in favor of the project, but several spoke in opposition to it. The sentiment echoed in the room appeared to show interest in the project, but with questions to be answered.


Sun Prairie Utilities is proposing to the Sun Prairie City Council, to form a public-private partnership with one or more existing telephone and TV providers, and to construct a city-wide fiber optic Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) network which would pass every home and business in Sun Prairie. This fiber optic overlay of the city would provide symmetrical bandwidth of up to 1-gigabit as well as telephone and cable TV service to each residence or business that chooses to subscribe. Services would be available either individually or bundled together depending on subscriber needs or preference.

The proposed network would position both Sun Prairie residents and the business community to be highly competitive for technology, medical, and education services. Additionally, we believe that constructing a GPON network in Sun Prairie would draw additional economic development to our city. This project has been looked at over the last two years by the Sun Prairie Utilities Commission. There have been several presentations about this proposal to City Council over the past two months.


Sun Prairie Utilities has presented to City Council a Feasibility Study for Fiber-To-The-Premise proposal and is available for all residents to review at the Sun Prairie Utilities Business Office. The proposal would require the support and backing of the City of Sun Prairie and its residents.


Fiber optics is the preferred medium to transport data, and symmetrical bandwidth will provide upload speeds unavailable to this community today. Learn more about fiber optics at

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 26, 2014