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Freezing Water Lines

Freezing Water Lines

Sun Prairie Utilities is under the belief that the threat of water service lines has passed. The decision to run a water stream at night is up to the property owner and should be based on the location history and risk.

The last frozen lateral in Sun Prairie was on March 3, 2014. Sun Prairie no longer recommends running a water stream at night as a preventative measure. We are monitoring the frost line in the streets and it has subsided to a depth of 4 feet or less. The winter of 2013-2014 was one of the coldest on record. The deeper than normal frost line of this past winter caused 23 water service lines to freeze. Sun Prairie fared much better than the surrounding communities, but we typically only see 1 to 2 frozen water service lines in a winter season. Looking forward to warmer days ahead… finally.

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 02, 2014