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Street Light Outage Map

Interactive Street Light Outage Map

Sun Prairie Utilities offers an interactive street light outage map for reporting street light issues. To report an issue, use the map to locate the correct light pole. Pan along the map with your cursor to find the general location and then zoom in to identify the exact light pole.

As you zoom into the map location the streetlights will display at their mapped locations. Red flags are lights that have already been reported and are in queue to be repaired. When you hover over a light icon with your cursor on the map the utility assigned pole number will be displayed along with the associated street address. Once you have identified the appropriate pole, click on it and then click "Report this light". Fill in the appropriate information and click "OK" 

There is also a search box where you can enter the street name and the map will position itself to that area to help in finding the desired pole. 



Posted on Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014