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Now Offering Fiber Optic Internet in Smith's Crossing

The construction phase of Fiber Optic Internet is under way. Sun Prairie Utilities would like permission from all property owners to connect a fiber optic terminal box (ONT) to all properties. We are NOW also soliciting sign-up for internet service.    

During construction of this project, contractors will be working along lot lines in yards installing duct and fiber, and replacing pedestals. As the construction crews pass properties, SPU wishes for permission to run a fiber optic service line to the exterior of the home at zero cost to the property owner. Whether you choose to subscribe to our internet service or not, it is more cost effective to us, and you, to install a service drop to the building as we pass. If you decline permission as we pass and then later request the service, there will be construction costs to the property owner for a later installation. You don't want to be a home without the capability of fiber optic service in a neighborhood surrounded by homes with fiber optic capability. 


Below are the steps that will take place during the fiber optic outside construction and in-home installation for the Smith’s Crossing subdivision.  Most can be done concurrently, but all must be completed prior to a customer getting service. 


  1. Receive all construction materials, as well as coordinate construction crews.
    1. Outside Construction Contractors: J&R Underground and Michels Communications
    2. In-home Construction Contractor: JCS Inc.
  2. Receive responses to this application which will complete the following:
    1. Sign up customers for fiber optic internet service
    2. For those who elect to, permit Sun Prairie Utilities to run fiber optic cable to the home’s exterior (in close proximity to the electric meter) during initial construction and at no cost to the homeowner.
  3. Construction of the outside fiber optic infrastructure
    1. Trench, directional bore and/or plow main line conduit and fiber infrastructure in subdivision area having Koshkonong Way as its entrance from O’Keeffe Avenue, along with a small section of Thoreau Drive.
    2. Install main line distribution fiber in existing ducts. In conjunction, replace temporary pedestals with fiber pedestals. 
    3. Install services as detailed in section 2.2 above and place a terminal box on the outside of the home.
  4. Condominiums construction only
    1. Because the service entrance location is on one end of the 4-9 unit attached condominiums, Sun Prairie Utilities will be asking to access each unit, whether taking service or not, to extend fiber across the floor joists of the basement ceiling from one end to the other. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in this coordination effort. 
  5. Splicing and terminating fiber
    1. As sections of fiber get installed, both main line and services, splicers will follow fusion splicing and testing fiber optic cables.
  6. Install Customer Premise Equipment inside the home (for those who have chosen service)
    1. While having contracted with a very reputable in-home fiber installation company located in northern Minnesota, Sun Prairie Utilities' most cost effective option will be to accumulate a large number of service orders prior to completing this final installation step.


  • It is Sun Prairie Utilities’ intent to begin construction in September and have all initial subscribers activated prior to the end of 2015.
  • Construction is heavily dependent on weather and ground conditions.
  • When either trenching or directional boring, contractors will make every effort to restore ground to original condition.
  • Service fiber/conduit will be placed approximately 18”-24” below grade.
  • As a prospective customer with what is believed to be a difficult or unique situation (concrete patio or landscaping), please contact us to discuss and review options prior to construction.  Our contractors will provide the same courtesy.
  • Sun Prairie Utilities will provide project updates via our website, our Facebook page, email, and/or phone as necessary.

Posted on Tuesday, Sep 08, 2015