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Smith's Fiber Optic Update

Thank you to all Smith’s Crossing residents for your patience and cooperation with this project.The Sun Prairie Utilities Fiber Optic Internet construction project in Smith’s Crossing continues to move forward. Construction crews expect to complete the installation of all of the service duct by Thanksgiving to all of the required homes. Once the duct is in place crews will work to populate all of the main line duct with fiber optic cable. The main line fiber will be used to network internet access to the pedestals that will serve the homes throughout the subdivision.


Working concurrently is our splicing team. As the main line fiber gets placed there are thousands of fiber optic splice points that need to be made at network cabinets, hand holes, and pedestals to complete the network. Each splice and cable run will then need to be tested to ensure connectivity.


Home service lines will need to be populated with fiber optic cable, a network interface device (NID) installed on the home exterior, and fiber optic cable spliced and tested before we can schedule an in-home installation. SPU will contact homeowner subscribers of a section of the neighborhood to set in-home appointments as areas become prepped, tested, and ready for live service. Please be responsive for these appointments as we contact you. SPU anticipates setting appointments starting the middle of December and continuing into February. If we cannot set an appointment while we are in an area, those homes will drop down the list for in-home installation.


We know subscribers anxiously await our fiber optic internet service. SPU is anxious to turn this service up as well. Keep alert for emails or phone calls from SPU to set an in-home installation appointment. Also keep an eye to our website and Facebook page for periodic updates of this project.

Posted on Monday, Nov 23, 2015