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Focus on Energy offers $50 to remove energy-wasting fridge or freezer

The state Focus on Energy program is encouraging Wisconsin residents to turn in their old refrigerators and freezers. Focus on Energy has opened a disposal facility in Franklin that will disassemble old fridgedsand freezers and employ 18 people. Focus is offering utility customers a $50 incentive to turn in old, working appliances, as well as free appliance removal. 


"That older refrigerator or freezer in the garage may be convenient, but it can consume up to four times more energy than newer units and cost up to $150 more a year in electrical costs," William Haas, Focus on Energy program director, said in a statement. Appliance recycling was a service utilities provided when they ran their own energy efficiency programs. Now most state utilities participate in Focus on Energy and appliance recycling has been transitioned to Focus on Energy. Consumers can schedule a pickup for old appliances by visiting or by calling (855)398-5226.



"The appliance recycling program offers an easy way for Wisconsin residents to make a difference in their home's energy efficiency while contributing to a process that takes pressure off the power grid and creates local jobs," Haas said.



Focus released these rules for old freezers and refrigerators to qualify for the cash-back reward. The appliance must be:

Between 10 and 30 cubic feet in size,

Clean and empty on the day of pick up, and in working condition,

Accessible with a clear and safe path of removal.


The Franklin recycling center will disassemble the old appliances and return approximately 95% of the appliance components to the manufacturing stream, according to Focus. In addition, Focus said foam insulation will be incinerated to genrate electricity.


Posted on Thursday, May 03, 2012