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Smith's Crossing Fiber Optic Pilot

The Fiber Optic Internet test project continues in the Smith's Crossing subdivision. Our in-home installation contractors, JCS, Inc., have connected over 125 homes with fiber optic internet as of February 20. In-home installations will continue by JCS into early March to complete all who have originally subscribed.

This test project was authorized by the Sun Prairie City Council in 2015 to explore the desire and purchase by residents of high speed fiber optic internet service, and, to demonstrate the ability and costs of Sun Prairie Utilities in delivering a fiber optic network throughout an area of the City. City Council and the Sun Prairie Utilities Commission will evaluate the test project in approximately 12 months and decide next steps and if there should be any expansion of the service.

Sun Prairie Utilities original project proposal estimated a 30-percent take rate, meaning SPU budgeted that 30 percent of the homes passed with fiber optics would subscribe to the fiber service. The realized take rate through the test project thus far is over 50 percent. SPU is happy about the Smith's Crossing residents interest in fiber optic internet and expresses a thank you to all who have allowed the fiber optic service brought to their building, even if they did not subscribe for the in-home service.

The higher take rate than estimated has required spending more than $100,000 than originally proposed. The extra 20 percent (over budget) subscribing customer revenues will help pay down the over budget amount between 1-2 years. The SPU Fiber Optic utility is self financed and is paid for by internet subscriptions. There is no cross subsidization from SPU electric or water rate payers for the internet utiliy.

Sun Prairie Utilities has received approval from both the City Council and the SPU Commission to contract an engineering firm to engineer design the fiber optic network for the entire city. This design will assist in identifying the engineering and construction costs, by area of the city, needed to make any future expansion decisions.


Posted on Monday, Feb 22, 2016