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Sun Prairie Utilities Customers Care

Sun Prairie Utilities would like to thank all those in the community who participated in the various community fund drives through Sun Prairie Utilities in 2016. With the gracious donations of the Sun Prairie Community, SPU collected and forwarded to the Sun Prairie Community Help Organization Spirit of Giving program $1181 through SPU's Lighting Effects Drive which ended December 6. The Lighting Effects Drive offered one string of LED holiday lights for every $20 donation to SPCHO through our office, limit 3 strings per customer. Sun Prairie Utilities has conducted a similar month-long drive for the SPCHO for the past 4 years and we thank all who participate.

Sun Prairie Utilities also has a year-long Bill RoundUp program, where funds collected are shared to Relay  For Life, Sun Prairie Food Pantry, and Shelter From The Storm. On December 7, SPU forwarded 4 months worth of Bill RoundUp collections totalling $426.96 to the Sun Prairie Food Pantry. Our Bill RoundUp program is a voluntary program where Sun Prairie Utilities rounds a participating customer's bill to the next even dollar amount. For example, if a customer's monthly bill was $78.63, the Bill RoundUp would round this customer bill to $79.00 with the rounded $.37 going into the Bill RoundUp fund. Across the whole city, these few cents do add up and help to make a difference. Funds collected are distributed accordingly; June-September to SP Food Pantry, October- January to Shelter from the Storm, and February-May to Sun Prairie Relay for Life.

As the Sun Prairie community grows, the need of help for our less fortunate neighbors grows. Sun Prairie Utilities thanks all who have donated through these programs, and also to those who have dedicated time or treasure throughout all of the needs of our community. The compassion of this community is one reason that makes Sun Prairie great.  

Posted on Thursday, Dec 08, 2016