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Celebrate Public Power in Sun Prairie

Sun Prairie is a Public Power community. This means the community owns the utility, has local control over policy and decisions, and employs many of your neighbors to serve you right here in Sun Prairie. This also means that Sun Prairie Utilities is celebrating Public Power Week (Oct 1-Oct. 7) this year with our first ever Photo Scavenger Hunt. The rules of the scavenger hunt are posted on the utility website and Facebook page and inside your bill statement. We hope to utilize the scavenger hunt to help all citizens to identify Sun Prairie Utilities and the benefits of public power.

The Photo Scavenger Hunt will run from October 1 through October 15. There will be a list of 30 items that we are asking participants to discover and take a photo/ selfie with. We are also asking to somehow indicate within each photo shot which number on the list they are depicting. This can be a white board, notepad, or even fingers. SPU will need to be ble to identify which list item the photo represents.

The scavenger item list will be published on the SPU website and Facebook page on October 1. Participants then need to post all of the list photos to any online album, viewable by the public. Once all of your photos are posted to the album, send us an email to with a link to your album. Entries need to be received by 11:59pm on October 15.

The first person to submit an entry (as determined by the email date/ time stamp) with ALL of the items listed will receive a smart thermostat. Each complete album entry will earn one entry into the Grand  Prize drawing for a Kalahari Resort Prize Pack (a $400 value). There will also be some fun giveaways for creative and artistic photos, as determined entirely and subjectively by SPU staff.

Get out your smart phones, digital cameras, ipods, or tablets and take a fun journey around the city to learn about Sun Prairie Utilities and Celebrate Public Power in Sun Prairie.

Posted on Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017