Commercial Construction


Complete the NEW Electric Service Application and email to Operations Department when service is ready for inspection. The temporary electrical service will then be by City Building Inspection. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill out the application electronically.

Note:  When using a temporary service for more than one property, always use the address of the last property that is going to be completed.


Email a copy of the site plan showing the intended location of the electric and gas meters to our Operations Department  or fax to (608) 825-6001 for approval.

Forward the completed NEW Electric Service Application and approved site plan to Operations Department when service is ready for inspection. Use the CORRECT ADDRESS. The service will then be inspected by City Building Inspection. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill out the application electronically.


  • Do not install electrical service until floor deck is on.
  • Make sure grade is above bottom of pedestal so utility company conductors will not be exposed.
  • Load center must be accessible for inspection.

Multiple meter services must be properly numbered with permanent adhesive numbers. House meter shall have lowest address and an H. Also number the corresponding panels inside the hinged cover.

Installation of Commercial/Industrial 3-Phase Service When installing 3-phase service to a business or industry, utilities differ greatly on their requirements. At Sun Prairie Utilities, the customer is responsible for the following:

  1. Forming/pouring a concrete transformer pad (see specification drawing). Note: a preformed pad may also be acceptable, if first approved by Utilities. This work includes installing the primary and secondary conduit bends (as required). Contact SPU to discuss pad location/orientation, assuring that the location meets all NEC requirements.
  2. Installing conduits, as required, for TDS, Charter and Verizon respectively. Typically (1) 2" or 4" is required for each utility from the building to the side of the transformer (see specification drawing).
  3. Installing secondary cables from the building to the transformer and connecting at both ends. For customer connections inside the transformer, SPU supplies secondary blocks with set screws. Work to be coordinated with Sun Prairie Utilities. (Note: the Utility will install CTs inside the transformer and mount/install the customer meter directly on the transformer, thus eliminating the need for a CT cabinet on the building).
  4. Grading the trench route to within 4" of final grade. SPU may also request property to be staked.

Note:  If applying for a construction temporary service, it is generally most economical to install the permanent transformer to feed the temporary.

Sun Prairie Utilities will be responsible for the installation of primary conductors and the transformer.

Service Upgrade

Sun Prairie Utilities can meet your energy needs as your business expands or relocates. Please email our Operations Department or call at (608) 837-5500 to inquire on current service upgrade requirements.


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