Electric Department

Local Electric Department changing street light bulbSun Prairie Utilities maintains an electric distribution system that services customers in and around the City of Sun Prairie. 
Our electric utility staff is responsible for maintaining five substations with current capacity of over 118 megawatts. 

Meter Reading & Billing

It is the goal of Sun Prairie Utilities to read every meter every month. Depending on your location and billing cycle, your meter will be read by our friendly and courteous meter readers approximately 7-10 days in advance of the date your bill is issued. We will not read your meter on weekends or holidays.

Please ensure our readers have access to all meters. Provide appropriate lock combinations or keys, and keep a clear pathway. Please keep shrubbery trimmed and sidewalks shoveled.

Metering Upgrades

Sun Prairie Utilities crew members are presently working to convert all electric meters to a two-way communication device. SPU is transitioning to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) smart meter where data collection devices read your meter from a distance and store that information in a format that is then downloaded into our billing software to help produce your monthly billing statement.

Electric and water meter ownership.

In some cases or during certain times of year, our data collection devices are not able to communicate with your meter to deliver consumption data. In that event, we provide you with an estimated billing statement. That estimate is based on your normal usage history for that time of year. Any difference between the amount actually used and the estimated amount billed is corrected automatically when the next regular meter reading is obtained.  Ultimately, you pay only for the amount of energy actually used.