Electric Rate Increase Approved By PSCW

Sun Prairie Utilities filed an application with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) to increase electric rates in 2022. The adjustment was requested to cover inflationary increases in operational and maintenance costs associated with maintaining the reliability of the electric distribution system. The last electric rate increase was approved in October, 2019.

The requested increase in revenues was an overall increase above the electric utility's present revenues of 4.37%. This request is detailed in the Sun Prairie Utilities electric rate application submitted to the PSCW in October, 2022. After review and public hearing, Commission staff approved an increase in rates of 3.98% overall.

The actual change to individual customers will vary with electric usage, class of service and ultimate rates authorized by the Commission.

Residential RG-1 SSingle Phase Rates


All information regarding this application is available electronically under docket 5810-ER-108 on the PSCW's website at PSC.WI.GOV. The new rates will be in effect December 2, 2023.