Free Fix a Leak Week kits

Take a moment this March to check your water usage. Is it higher than usual? Do you have a leak? 

In honor of Fix a Leak Week running from March 20 to 26, 2023, we are offering kits that will help you find leaks, track your water usage, and learn about water conservation.

Stop at our office to grab a free kit, which includes:

  • Dye tabs (to test for a toilet leak)

  • Leak checklist

  • Water conservation wheel (tips for conserving water)

  • Coloring book

  • Flow rate bag (to measure water flow rate of a faucet or shower)

Currently, 50% of our customers have an AMI water meter. If you are one of them, the kit will also have a how-to on signing up for water threshold alerts in MyAccount, making it easier to know when your property has reached a specific usage level. We aim to complete the conversion to AMI for all customers by 2025.

Kits will be available until April 7, while supplies last.

For more information about Fix a Leak Week, visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency here.