Freezing Temperatures

We are presently experiencing some of the coldest temperatures of the winter. The duration of the extreme cold temperatures has been driving the frost line deeper and deeper across the region. Sun Prairie Utilities is alerting the community about the potential of frozen water lines.

Most water main and service laterals in Sun Prairie are buried around 6 feet or more below grade. The risk of frozen water lines is with static water, with zero or no flow over an extended period of time. Most households with average daily use should have enough water flow through the premise to likely not freeze. Buildings with limited to no water flow over extended periods would be a prime candidate for frozen lateral if the frost line continues to deepen. Open cabinets under sink to allow heated air to surround the pipes.

If you have experienced frozen laterals in the past, or fear that your premise is at risk of freezing, you should consider running a small stream of cold water in one of your sinks or laundry tub overnight while you sleep. Buildings where there is no water use for many hours in a day might choose to leave the water stream on constant.