Growing with the community

Front of new Sun Prairie Utilities facilitySun Prairie Utilities is planning to build a new facility to provide the additional space needed to serve the growing community. This expansion combined with enhanced security, improved energy efficiency, the central location, and ease of access to the building for employees and the community will allow staff to serve the residents of Sun Prairie to the best of their abilities.


Sun Prairie Utilities (SPU) has been located in Downtown Sun Prairie for over 50 years. In 1972 the population was over 10,500. By 1986 the city had grown to around 14,400 and swelled to over 20,400 by the year 2000. A few expansions took place throughout the years but have not kept up with the growth of the city. In 2021, the U.S. Census Bureau reported the number of residents in Sun Prairie had grown to approximately 36,100.

Why a new building?

Packed areas at Sun Prairie Utilities Main St facility

The current building is not keeping up with the demands of the growing community. There is no available storage for additional vehicles/equipment and some are stored at multiple locations. There are no available offices for new employees and certain areas have out of date mechanical systems that have increased operation and maintenance costs. The new building will provide needed improvements to address these issues and allow future growth.

How will the new building help the community?

The new facility is being designed to fit the needs of the community. The additional space for vehicles, equipment, materials, and staff will increase the operational efficiency and decrease the length of potential service interruptions. The public will continue to have access to attend monthly meetings and the new community room will be available for public use.

Where will the new building be located?

To maintain the central location, the new facility will be located on Linnerud Drive across the street from Sun Prairie Utilities' material yard.

Sun Prairie Utilities' current building - view the video here

Sun Prairie Utilities' new building - view the document here.