New Web Portal MyAccount

SPU has converted our customer web portal to a new software, My Account. The old customer portal credentials terminated March 4, 2019, at 12:00 p.m.

Customers can now access their bills and make their payments through the MyAccount portal. SPU is asking customers to create their account on the portal SPU thanks those customers who have already registered on MyAccount, and also reminds all customers that bill view and payment methods are accessible only through MyAccount.

Customers who previously had a recurring web payment set up through the old portal will need to re-establish this pay method on MyAccount. Any web payments scheduled through the old portal for after March 5 were deleted.

Customers who wish to receive ebill notifications will need to sign up for this option again through MyAccount.

The change in software to MyAccount requires any customer who wishes to manage their account online to set up new credentials and pay methods. SPU thanks you all for your cooperation and patience with this transition. We know the features of MyAccount will be worth the inconvenience of this transition.