PSCW Approved Water Rate Increase Effective January 1, 2024

On October 2, 2023, SPU had filed an application with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) to increase water rates. Rates for general service will increase 8.0 percent. The increase is necessary to reduce the existing deficiency in present rates. The request was made under Wis. Stat. 196.193. Rate increases granted under this statute do not require a public hearing.

The PSCW has now approved the new rate structure with overall increase of 8.0% effective January 1, 2024. Examples of the effect of the rate adjustments are:

Class                      meter size           monthly cuft          @ old rates            @ new rates          increase

Residential (ave)       5/8”                        560                       $19.37                   $20.89                $1.52

Residential (large)    5/8”                        900                       $25.52                   $27.52                $2.00

Commercial                  1”                        2400                       $56.25                   $60.67                $4.42


The continued growth of the city and the increased costs to maintain a safe water system since the last water rate case in 2021 has contributed to this rate increase. SPU continues to work for the citizens of Sun Prairie to deliver and monitor safe and affordable drinking water.