Sun Prairie Utilities offers a voluntary donation program where customers can donate a few cents each month to help specific local help organizations. We call this program 'RoundUp'. We have identified the Sun Prairie Food Pantry, the American Cancer Society, Shelter From The Storm, and the Sun Prairie Action Resource Coalition (SPARC) Hunger Heroes for Sun Prairie Students as the help organizations to receive all RoundUp donations.

RoundUp participants will have each monthly bill rounded up to the next whole dollar. For example, a bill of $76.43 would be rounded to $77.00, with $.57 as a donation to the RoundUp program. These small tax deductible donations will be used to help meet some of the critical needs within our community. A few cents each month may not seem like much to you, but these few cents each month across the whole city could amount to a lot of help for those in need in Sun Prairie.

If you choose to participate, your maximum yearly donation could be $11.88, with an average yearly donation of around $6.00. Sun Prairie Utilities has two methods to participate: 1) sign up digitally, or 2) sign and return the RoundUp form and pay your bill each month.  Once you sign up, we will RoundUp every monthly bill until we are notified by you to stop. We will mail a statement every January reflecting your previous year tax deductible RoundUp donations.

The Sun Prairie community has always been gracious and generous. Please consider participating in our RoundUp Program to help meet some of the critical needs in our community.