Service Disconnections Start June 10th

Sun Prairie Utilities is announcing that service disconnections due to unpaid bills will resume June 10, 2021. The mailed notices serve twofold; first and foremost, as a reminder that the latest billing has gone past due and to take action, and second, a required 10-day disconnection notice if the reminder is not acted upon by a certain date.

SPU is temporarily affording all customers an opportunity to enter into a deferred payment agreement (DPA). A DPA requires a reasonable down payment, paying current charges as due, and timely installment payments to pay down the past due balance. SPU is not obligated to renegotiate different terms or an additional DPA if the original agreement has defaulted.

 SPU has changed the procedure for customer final contact in advance of a disconnection. We will no longer post a notice to the door prior to the disconnection. Instead, an automated phone message will be attempted to all contemplated disconnection accounts, requesting customers to take action to avert service disconnection. There will be a payment option prompt as a part of this message. Partial payments do not constitute a DPA and service may be disconnected void an accepted DPA by Sun Prairie Utilities. Customers should contact SPU @ 608-837-5500 if they cannot pay the balance in full.

 SPU urges all customers to confirm the contact phone information is correct on the 10-Day Notice as that is the number to be called for final disconnection notice. If the phone number is incorrect, please email your name, account number and correct phone number to to update our records and to receive SPU final notice phone message before disconnection, if warranted.