Simple Energy Efficiency

Sun Prairie Utilities wants to help you use energy smarter! Take advantage of Focus on Energy’s FREE Focus Pack with energy saving products for your home.

The Focus Pack includes a selection of these easy-to-install products: LED Bulbs, Energy Efficient Showerhead, faucet aerators, and a smart power strip.

Order your FREE Focus Pack online or by calling 800-762-7077. Start saving energy and money today!


Stay comfortable and save on heating and cooling upgrades 

Get rebates on new heating and cooling equipment like furnaces, smart thermostats, and more.

Find instant discounts on energy-efficient products online

Focus on Energy’s online marketplace offers a variety of energy-efficient retail products at discounted prices.

Learn how to save at home in a matter of minutes

Focus on Energy’s online home energy assessment can help you make smart energy decisions for your home. Plus, find rebates to help save money with your upgrades.

Renewable energy

Work with Focus on Energy to get the technical support and financial rebates you need to make the transition to renewable energy.

Seal your home and save energy

Air sealing and insulation upgrades will help protect your home against lost heating or cooling and air quality issues year-round, while also improving your comfort.

Measure twice, cut once (and save forever)

Focus on Energy will put you in touch with builders and consultants providing third-party certification for homes that meet the highest efficiency standards.