Smart Meters Come To Sun Prairie

Sun Prairie Utilities has initiated an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project to transition electric and water meters throughout the City to be an advanced, two-way meter.

After several years of careful research and consideration, the Sun Prairie Utilities Commission approved a 5-year project to transition to advanced electric and water meters. This conversion to AMI will be an important tool in providing safe and reliable electricity and water to the community.

Sun Prairie Utilities has chosen an Elster AMI solution, a subsidiary of Honeywell, and will leverage SPU’s member/ ownership of WPPI Energy data management programs to operate the electric and water systems more cost effectively and to provide more proactive and reliable service to its customers.

 AMI meters will collect and transmit meter readings daily, as opposed to our current method of reading a meter once per month. Daily water readings will help SPU more expediently identify possible leaks and then to notify the customers to check their facilities. Electric meters will assist in system voltage control and outage management. Eventually SPU intends to provide a customer interface to enable individuals to monitor and control their usage as they see fit.

 Daily reporting from AMI will also allow SPU personnel to assist with customer inquiries in a more timely fashion and to be more proactive in identifying issues. Accurate billings will be created without the need for estimating due to many of the current meter access issues.

 Sun Prairie Utilities will be rolling these AMI meters out by neighborhood (SPU meter reading route). Post cards or letters will be mailed in advance of starting your area for both electric and water. SPU thanks all of its customers in advance for their cooperation in assisting with access to their meters for this project. View AMI Frequently Asked Questions for many answers to common questions.

The Public Servie Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) has authorized this transition to AMI meters as standard. The PSCW has also approved a tariff for Non-Standard Meter Service (NSM-1) for those individuals who choose not to have AMI meters (opt-out) for their account. Accounts opting out  of AMI will be charged the NSM monthly fee of $17 to manually read the meters and process the readings.