SPU To Resume Late Fees and Collection Efforts

On September 17, 2020, the Public Service Commision of Wisconsin (PSCW) announced that they will extend  the residential electric disconnection moratorium to April 15, 2021.  SPU urges it's customers who have a past due balance to contact SPU as soon as possible to discuss payment options. SPU also suggests customers who have been adversely affected by the COVID health emergency to contact Energy Services of Dane County at 333-0333, and the Sunshine Place/ Joining Forces for Families at 825-3225 to request available assistance.

Many customers lost income due to the Safer at Home order earlier this year and so even more customers have accumulated arrearages. SPU will discuss payment options with customers based on the individual's circumstance.  Contact the SPU office at 837-5500 to discuss repayment options. 

Although SPU will not be pursuing residential disconnection presently for past due accounts, SPU will utilize other collection tools on past due accounts, which may include WI Department of Revenue Debt Collection Service or small claims filings. SPU will resume assessing late fees September 22, 2020. Please communicate to SPU any past due repayment plan to avoid any further collection actions.