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We appreciate your assistance in making Sun Prairie a safer place for pedestrians, traffic and the community. If you see a streetlight out, please complete the information below and click the "Report Streetlight" button to submit the form.

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A Street
Abbington Court
Abbott Lane
Alder Way
Allen Avenue
Allison Street
Amanda Avenue
Amber Trail
Amberson Drive
Andaman Street
Andrews Drive
Apple Drive
Arabian Court
Armagh Lane
Arrowhead Circle
Arrowhead Trail
Aspen Place
Atcheson Avenue
Athletic Way
Audley Drive
Audrey's Pass
Bailey Road
Baitinger Court
Baneberry Drive
Barbara Street
Barrington Circle
Barrington Drive
Beech Court
Beech Street
Bella Way
Benz Court
Berkshire Lane
Berlin Road
Berwick Drive
Bethany Court
Betlach Road
Betty Lee Court
Birchwood Trail
Bird Street
Birkinbine Drive
Black Wolf Trail
Blankenheim Lane
Blaser Court
Blaska Drive
Blue Aster Boulevard
Blue Heron Boulevard
Bluestem Court
Bomkamp Circle
Bookham Drive
Boulder Way
Box Hill Road
Branch Road
Brandywood Court
Brandywood Trail
Brantford Lane
Breeze Drive
Breezy Lane
Briar Lane
Bridle Pass
Brighton Drive
Bristol Road
Broadway Drive
Broken Bow Road
Brooks Drive
Brooks Ridge Drive
Brooks Ridge Road
Brooksridge Drive
Brooksridge Road
Broome Street
Bruce Street
Bruin Road
Buena Vista Drive
Buergin Road
Bunker View Drive
Bunny Hollow
Bunny Hollow Lane
Burke Road
Burnham Court
Bus Park Drive
Calico Court
Calico Lane
Camden Lane
Campfire Drive
Camy Circle
Cannery Place
Capitol Drive
Cardinal Crest Drive
Cardinal Lane
Cardinal Way
Carriage Drive
Carrington Drive
Castle Drive
Castleton Xing
Celebration Boulevard
Cemetery Road
Chadsworth Drive
Chalfont Drive
Chandler Lane
Charles Hahn Drive
Chase Boulevard
Cheddar Crst
Chicory Way
Chipper Lane
Church Street
Circle Drive
Clara Street
Clardell Drive
Clarmar Drive
Clement Avenue
Cliff Street
Clover Lane
Cobblestone Court
Cobham Lane
Collingwood Drive
Colony Circle
Colorado Avenue
Columbus Court
Columbus Street
Commerce Drive
Commercial Avenue
Communications Drive
Compass Plant Boulevard
Concord Drive
Conservancy Estates Lane
Continental Way
Coral Drive
Corinth Drive
Cornwall Circle
Corporate Center Drive
Country Drive
Country Road
County Highway C
County Highway N
County Highway T
County Highway V
County Highway Vv
County Road C
County Road Tt
County Road V
County Road Vv
Covey Street
Covington Trail
Craftsman Way
Craig Lane
Cranberry Court
Cresent Circle
Crossing Ridge Court
Crossing Ridge Trail
Crystal Lane
Cypress Court
Damm Road
Daniel Street
Davis Street
Davison Drive
Deer Creek Run
Delaware Drive
Derby Drive
Devonshire Lane
Dewey Street
Diamond Court
Dickson Drive
Dolan Drive
Don Simon Drive
Donald Drive
Dover Way
Duncannon Way
Durham Drive
Dynes Way
E Elm Street
E Goodland Street
E Klubertanz Drive
E Kohler Street
E Lane Street
E Linnerud Drive
E Mac Arthur Street
E Main Street
E Washington Avenue
Echo Drive
Eddington Drive
Edgemore Drive
Edmonton Drive
Effingham Way
Egre Road
Elder Lane
Elizabeth Court
Elizabeth Lane
Emerald Terrace
Emerson Street
Enterprise Lane
Essex Drive
Fairchild Street
Fawn Lane
Featherwood Pass
Fern Drive
Field Court
Fireside Court
Fitness Run
Flint Street
Forest Oak Drive
Fountain Drive
Fox Run
Foxdale Drive
Foxglove Drive
Frances Court
Frawley Drive
Frederick Street
Frontage Road
Galena Court
Garden Court
Garnet Drive
Gary Court
Gas Light Drive
Gayle Court
Gehrke Circle
General Drive
Gerald Avenue
Gerald Court
Glenview Lane
Goodland Street
Goodyear Street
Grandier Road
Grandview Circle
Grandview Court
Grandview Drive
Grandview Road
Granite Way
Gray Hawk Way
Greenbriar Drive
Greenfield Court
Greenway Road
Grossepark Road
Grove Road
Grove Street
Hanley Drive
Happy Valley Road
Harmon Circle
Harmony Street
Hart Road
Harvard Drive
Harvest Lane
Harwood Court
Hawaii Lane
Hawthorn Drive
Hazelnut Trail
Heath Court
Heatherstone Court
Heatherstone Rdg
Helgeland Drive
Hensen Drive
Heritage Lane
Hickory Court
Hidden Meadows Drive
Hidden Valley Road
Hidden Valley Trail
Hill Street
Hillcrest Circle
Hillcrest Drive
Hilltop Drive
Hilton Lane
Hoepker Road
Holly Hill Drive
Homestead Drive
Hoover Street
Horseshoe Drive
Hummingbird Court
Hunters Trail
Huntington Drive
Huntsville Ridge
Huntwick Court
Independence Way
Innsbrooke Drive
Invermere Drive
Irish Circle
Ironwood Drive
Irving Drive
Ivory Drive
Jackson Street
Jade Court
Jamar Court
James Court
James Drive
Jasper Circle
Jeanne Court
Jenifer Court
Jerico Lane
Jerry Ryan Trail
Jo Ann Court
Jones Street
Joshua Circle
Joyce Court
Juniper Street
Kalland Way
Katherine Drive
Katie Ida Lane
Keller Drive
Kelley Road
Kelly Street
Kelvington Drive
Kenneth Court
Kentville Drive
Kerry Drive
Kiltie Drive
Kimberton Court
King Street
Kings Forest Court
Kingston Circle
Kittleson Court
Knorr Street
Koshkonong Way
Kroncke Drive
Kuhle Drive
Larkspur Court
Larue Lane
Laura Street
Leopold Way
Lewis Court
Liberty Boulevard
Lincoln Court
Lincoln Drive
Linnerud Court
Lmor Drive
Lochside Lane
Lois Drive
Lonely Lane
Longhorn Lane
Lori Lane
Lorrabud Lane
Lothe Street
Luther Drive
Lyman's Run
Lynwood Drive
Major Way
Maly Road
Manley Drive
Maple Street
Marcella Court
Margaret Court
Marion Court
Market Street
Marshview Drive
Martin Street
Martinson Road
Maynard Drive
McCloskey Road
McCoomsky Lane
McCoy Road
McMahon Drive
Meadow Lane
Meadowlark Drive
Meadowsweet Circle
Michigan Avenue
Mile Road
Miller Street
Millrun Circle
Mockingbird Lane
Monaghan Way
Montana Avenue
Moonlight Circle
Mueller Road
Muller Road
N Bird Street
N Bristol Street
N Grande Avenue
N Heatherstone Drive
N Mallard Drive
N Musket Ridge Drive
N Pine Street
N Star Circle
N Thompson Road
N Walker Way
N Westmount Drive
Naturaledge Court
Nelson Road
Nessie Lane
New Haven Circle
New Town Drive
Normandin Court
Norridge Drive
Norse Court
North Street
Northern Light Drive
Northwynde Psge
Norton Drive
Norway Road
O'Keeffe Avenue
Oak Street
Oakland Avenue
Oconto Drive
Old Fox Run
Old Glory Way
Old Indian Mound Trail
Olin Way
Olympic Street
Oneida Court
Oriole Court
Overlook Pass
Park Circle
Park Street
Parkview Drive
Parkview Road
Parkway Drive
Pasque Street
Paul Street
Peaceful Court
Peacock Court
Pearl Court
Pearl Lane
Pebble Valley Court
Pebblebrook Trail
Pelican Lane
Pennsylvania Avenue
Percheron Trail
Pfeil Bend
Pilgrim Trail
Pine Street
Pinnacle Circle
Pleasant Street
Pony Lane
Powder Horn Road
Prairie Clover Court
Prairie Dog Drive
Prairie Hill Circle
Prairie Rose Drive
Prairie View Drive
Preservation Place
Progress Way
Prospect Cmn
Prospect Drive
Providence Street
Quail Ct E
Queens Street
Rail Road
Railroad Street
Raintree Road
Rattman Road
Rebel Drive
Regal Road
Reiner Road
Reuben Drive
Richmond Court
Rickel Road
Ridge Point Run
Ridgeway Circle
Ring Street
Rising Sun Road
Robert Court
Robert Drive
Robin Drive
Roland Street
Ruby Lane
Runaround Road
Russet Road
Rustic Drive
Ruxton Ridge Drive
S Bird Street
S Bristol Street
S Goldenrod Drive
S Heatherstone Drive
S Longfield Drive
S Musket Ridge Drive
S Thompson Road
S Walker Way
S Westmount Drive
Saddle Brook Trail
Samhill Drive
Sandpiper Court
Sandridge Trail
Sandstone Trail
Sanibel Lane
Sapphire Way
Sawyer Way
Scenic Court
Scenic Ridge Pass
Scheuerell Lane
Schiller Street
School Street
Schumann Street
Schuster Road
Scotland Pkwy
Seib Drive
Selkirk Drive
Severson Drive
Shadow Trail
Shady Drive
Shane Court
Sherbrooke Drive
Shirley Walk
Silverado Drive
Skala Road
Smithfield Drive
South Street
Spoke Circle
St Albert the Great Court
St Albert the Great Drive
St Patrick Way
Stagecoach Circle
Star Crest Trail
Starburst Drive
Stark Road
Starlight Court
State Highway 19
Stepping Stone Circle
Steven Street
Steward Drive
Stewart Court
Stone Quarry Road
Stonecress Court
Stonehaven Drive
Stonewood Xing
Strasburg Street
Stull Street
Summerton Court
Summit Avenue
Sumter Circle
Sun Court
Sunfield Street
Sunfield W
Sunnyburke Drive
Sunnyview Lane
Sunset Circle
Sunset Drive
Surrey Court
Surrey Drive
Swansee Ridge
Sweet Grass Drive
Sweet Sparrow Place
Swordleaf Lane
Sylver Ridge Lane
Taft Street
Tall Grass Trail
Talon Place
Tam O Shanter Trail
Tara Drive
Tartan Trail
Templeton Terrace
Ter Chase
Terra Court
Terrace Chase
Thomas Drive
Thorson Road
Thunderbird Lane
Token Road
Torbleau Road
Tower Drive
Town Hall Drive
Trapp Street
Trenton Drive
Triumph Drive
Troon Drive
Twilight Drive
Twin Lane Road
Union Street
Vale Road
Valley Hill Road
Valley Ridge Drive
Vandenburg Street
Vanessa Way
Vang Lane
Verle Road
Vernig Road
Villa Circle
Villa Oak Drive
Village Lane
Vinburn Road
Vine Street
Virdon Drive
W Elm Street
W Goodland Street
W Klubertanz Drive
W Kohler Street
W Lane Street
W Main Street
Wagner Court
Walbridge Circle
Waldorf Court
Walker Court
Walmar Drive
Weber Drive
Weisensel Road
Welford Place
Wellington Circle
Wendt Way
Westend Circle
Westover Circle
Westridge Drive
Weybridge Drive
Whitetail Drive
Whytecliff Way
Wickersham Court
Wilburn Road
Wild Iris Street
William Drive
Williamson Avenue
Willow Brook Trail
Wilson Street
Windermere Court
Windsor Street
Wisconsin Avenue
Wood Violet Lane
Woodgrove Way
Woodland Drive
Woodsend Court
Woodview Drive
Woodward Drive
Wyndham Drive
Wyndwood Way
Wyoming Avenue
Zander Road