• We are excited to announce that our newest energy resource, Point Beach Solar Energy Center, is now online!

  • Our Choose Renewable program affords any SPU customer to buy renewable energy without upfront cash outlay or maintenance costs. One $2 block buys 300 kilowatt hours of renewable energy.

  • Read our storm tips to be prepared and remain safe for the next severe weather in our area.

  • Homeowners suspected of having a lead service water line to their home have been notified of the LSL Replacement Program available to them... read more>

  • Electric Vehicle Charger

    Energy Star Appliance Replacement

    Smart Thermostat Replacement


Effective August 1, 2021, collection efforts of unpaid utility bills will revert back to the filed tariffs approved by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW). SPU had temporarily...


Solar panel vendors have been soliciting solar system sales to Sun Prairie residents. You have the right to ask to see their City of Sun Prairie issued vendor permit. Sun Prairie Utilities does...


Inside the My Account customer portal is a tool that could be used to help you decide if there is a better rate option available to you. Any SPU customers who have an AMI (Automated Metering...