• Sun Prairie Utilities partners with HydroCorp.

    SPU has partnered with HydroCorp to help with cross connection inspections, which are through the Cross Connection Program required by the WI DNR.

  • Tax Credits

    Browse our Tax Credit Resources page (under Customer Services) and find helpful information for homeowners, businesses, and anyone using solar power or renewable energy. 

  • Image of Sun Prairie Utilities Welcome Packet.

    We created a packet to help customers find useful information about the utility in one document. Check it out >>

  • Our office and the library are offering free kits that will help you find leaks, discover the flow rate of your faucet, and learn about water conservation!

  • Plans are underway to build a new facility to help us serve the growing community! View the latest >>


As a way to maintain a safe and dependable drinking water supply, Sun Prairie Utilities (SPU) practices cross connection investigation and solutions. These inspections are through the...


Take a moment this March to check your water usage. Is it higher than usual? Do you have a leak? 

In honor of Fix a Leak Week running from March 18 to 22, 2024, we are offering...


Everyone needs help sometimes, especially when the cost of living increases. Sun Prairie Utilities has compiled a list of resources you can use to help meet the cost of your utility bills.